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Apply to Become a Webcam Model

You are applying to work on one of the largest and most popular cam networks in the world. There are NO FEES to join and we pay some of the highest model commissions in the industry. We accept male and female models, couples, threesomes and transgenders. Approval time is normally one business day.

  • We realize some of this information is personal in nature, but US federal law requires us to collect this information and to verify the age and identity of all our performers.
  • This is a secure, encrypted form and we promise to hold all your information in the strictest confidence.
  • Your personal information, such as address, phone number, real name, etc... will NEVER appear on our website and will NEVER be shared with customers.

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How this Works

Ready for an exciting and profitable career as a webcam model?  Submit this application and you can start working from the privacy of your home, within one business day.

Working as a webcam model is similar to working as a dancer in a gentlemen's club. When you login to the site, you enter a free video chat room. Members enter the room and your job is to chat with them, flirt and entice them to tip you or buy private shows from you. This is like being a dancer on stage. When you're in free chat, you're only working for tips, but once a member takes you private, you start getting paid by the minute.

Free Chat NOT Required (Private Only Mode)

We offer a unique Private Only mode, that allows you to be online and available for private sessions, WITHOUT being in free chat. While free chat is great for promoting yourself on the site, we know you have a life and don't necessarily want to chat with members all day. You should spend as much time in free chat as possible, but when you're busy doing other stuff or just want to relax, you can enable Private Only mode.

  • When you login to broadcast, you'll see a Private Only Mode button in the top-left corner of the broadcast application.
  • When you enable Private Only mode, it means you're online, but ONLY available for private shows, NOT free chat.
  • Your status indicator on the website will show you as Available, rather than Online.
  • Members who enter your room will see a message stating that they can NOT chat with you, but they CAN request a private show.
  • In Private Only mode, you can choose between broadcasting video or turning your video off. If your video is off, we'll display your profile photo where the video would normally appear.
  • When members request a private, you'll receive a private chat request popup notification on your screen, along with an audio alert. Be sure to stay near your computer when Private Only mode is enabled, so you don't lose any privates!

Technology Requirements

To broadcast as a model, you'll need the following:

  • Fast internet connection - You need a broadband Internet connection, ideally having an UPLOAD speed of at least 1 Mbps. Most Internet providers advertise fast download speed, but they often don't mention the upload speed, so be sure you specify fast upload speed when ordering your Internet service.
  • PC or Mac Computer - You need a COMPUTER to brodcast. It can be a PC or a Mac, but it must be an actual computer. You cannot broadcast from an iPad or a phone. You cannot broadcast from any Android device, it MUST be running Windows or Mac OS. Any reasonably new computer should work, but the faster the better.
  • Webcam - Although most laptops come with webcams built-in, these built-in cams are usually poor quality. You can broadcast using a built-in laptop cam, but we highly recommend you invest in an external cam, such as a Logitech C920. Any external cam will be better than your built-in cam, but you should buy the most expensive one you can afford. Even the high-end Logitech cams are only about $70 or so, so it's not a big expense and it's well worth the investment.

Earning Money

There are several ways to earn money working on our sites:

  • Private Shows - Members can take you into a private video chat. You get paid by the minute for as long as you remain in private with the member.
  • Goal Shows - You set a tip goal and a time limit for members to reach the goal. If they reach the goal within your time limit, you perform a group show.
  • Tips - Members can tip you at any time, whether you're in free chat, a private show or a goal show.

Rates and Percentages

We offer a unique sliding scale commission structure that pays out up to 45% as a model commission and rewards models for selling higher-priced private shows. Additionally, when YOU refer a new customer to the site, you earn a 20% referral commission based on the amount that customer spends. The referral commission is a lifetime payout, so once you refer a customer, you continue getting paid every time he spends money on the site, regardless of which models he spends it on. To qualify for a referral commission, the customer must visit the site for the first time, by clicking on one of the referral links or banners we provide to you.

By combining your model commission with your referral commission, your total payout can be up to 65%.

All new models start out at 2.49 credits/min and receive $0.36 per credit as the model commission. However, you can increase your commission rate by increasing your price for private shows. The table below shows the commission percentages for the available per-minute rates:

Credits Per-Minute Model Commission Referral Commission Model + Referral
2.49 - 3.49 36.45% 20% 56.45%
3.99 - 4.49 40.50% 20% 60.50%
4.99 + 44.55% 20% 64.55%

Getting Paid

    We offer the following payment methods:

    • Check (free for US residents)
    • Direct Deposit to your bank account (Dwolla or Payoneer)
    • Prepaid Debit Card (Dwolla or Payoneer)

    We issue payments twice per month, on the 1st and the 16th of each month. There's no holdback on commissions:

    • On the 16th, you'll be paid for the 1st - 15th
    • On the 1st, you'll be paid for the 16th through the last day of the month

    If you live in the United States, Dwolla is the fastest and most reliable payment method. Dwolla offers a prepaid debit card or direct deposit to your bank account, but it's only available to models in the US. If you live outside the United States, Payoneer is your best option. Like Dwolla, Payoneer offers a prepaid debit card or direct deposit to your bank account, but Payoneer is available anywhere in the world.

    After you register as a model, you can sign up for Payoneer using the link in your model account. This link is customized for YOUR model account. Please do not attempt to sign up for Payoneer directly on their website, as they will reject your application. To sign up for Payoneer, you MUST use the link in your model account.

Our Webcam Sites

We operate our own independent network of cam sites. We're NOT affiliated with Streammate, Video Secrets, Live Jasmin or any of the other networks. If you currently work for any of these companies, you're welcome to work on our sites as well and there will be no conflict.

Our sites receive a LOT of traffic and we maintain a good balance between traffic and models online, so when you login, you'll always have customers in your room.

CLICK HERE to view one of the MANY websites you will appear on.

Privacy and Security

  • We realize the information we're requesting on this sign up form is personal in nature. However, US FEDERAL LAW requires us to verify and document your age and identity.
  • This is a secure, encrypted form and we promise to keep your information confidential. Your personal information, such as address, phone number and real name, will NEVER appear on our website and will NEVER be shared with customers.
  • We allow you to block US states, Canadian provinces and entire countries. If you block an area, users in that area will NOT be able to see you on our sites.
  • We do NOT make your videos publicly available on our websites, nor will they appear on any other sites.
  • Read our full privacy policy here

Contact Us / Ask Questions / Request Help

If you have questions or need HELP completing the application, use any of the following methods to contact us:

  • CLICK HERE to open a support ticket
  • Use our live support chat, Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - Midnight, Pacific time (GMT -8).
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